Autores: Arlindo dos Santos Rebelo Júnior

Abstract: In high-accuracy Mass Metrology, the control of weighing and environmental conditions has an important value, these factors has a huge influence on the results, as well as on, the performance of the equipment used. In this work, the performance of an ultra-micro mass comparator was evaluated before and after being submitted to a period of instability on the laboratory environmental conditions. The standard deviation and the drift commanded by the instrument were compared before and after the event occurred. According to the results obtained, it was observed that after the instability of the environmental conditions, the standard deviation was out of the required limits by the laboratory’s quality system. Additionally, there is a significant increase in the instrument’s drift. Through the results it ́s possible to conclude that the instrument affected by the variations in a way that it no longer reaches the requirements demanded by the laboratory’s Quality System.

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