Autores: Caio César Cunha, Cilis Benevides Aragão, Paulo Régis Carneiro de Araújo, Rhuan Santiago, Andrio Antonio, Henrique Innecco, Jânio Oliveira, Lucas Costa, Samir Sales, Alberto Alexandre

Abstract: Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) represents an excellent option for communicating data in a smart-metering application. This research resulted in a comparative test platform to select, using a study based on methodology and technical and scientific indicators, the best IoT communication platform (network interface card (NIC) + Meter Data Collection (MDC)), which presents the most appropriate technological conditions for smart-meter manufacturers. We are comparing the
technical requirements and indicators of the following IoT platforms: Wireless Smart Ubiquitous Network (Wi-SUN), Hex-NET, and Hybel. Besides that, the KPIs (key performance indicators) comparison platform system is under development to allow the smart-meter manufacturer to choose the best smart-meter communication infrastructure.

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