Autores: Leandro Barbosa da Silveira Gatto, Leonardo Pacifico, Luis Alexandre Gonçalves Magalhaes, Paulo Travassos

Resumo: It is necessary to evaluate the spectra with an up-to-date solid-state detector in a mammographic system, utilizing exotic anode/filter combinations and PMMA phantoms from different thicknesses. It has seen that today dual energy mammography and tomosynthesis applications are using tungsten anode spectra up to 49 kV with exotic filters, such as silver (Ag), palladium (Pd), molybdenum (for the W/Mo combination), and so on. Based on this, this work was made an experiment in the metrological and simulated case. It was used a spectrometer with the W/Pd and W/Mo anode/filters, in some tube voltages with PMMA slabs, to find the respective spectra. The same situations were made for the simulations in the Monte Carlo, in the simulate case. Considering the uncertainty of the measurements, the spectra obtained are in agreement with the references provided by the equipment and with internationally adopted standards. Through, results obtained both in metrological and simulated cases can be validated for future uses in mammography.

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