Autor: Liana Machado, Ricardo Amorim Barbosa

Resumo: The Intermediary Checking of the calibration the electrometers [4], in order to ensure that the calibration factor of a given instrument is valid for a longer time, has been developed at LNMRI-IRD since 2019. It works with three of the methods for generating electric current of small values (pA): capacitance, resistance (Ohm) and ionization current (radiation sources). In this article, we will evaluate the performance of electrometers using the ionization current method and we will make a comparison between the results obtained by this method with the results of previous works [2], [3] and [5] that uses the Ohm method. From this comparison, we could see that the method using radiation sources had a better performance of the electrometers, however, in terms of cost-benefit, the Ohm method better serves the intermediary checking of the calibration the electrometers.

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