Autor: Igor Fernando Modesto Garcia, Mario de Jesus Ferreira, Marcus Vínícius Teixeira Navarro, José Guilherme Pereira Peixoto

Resumo: Following the demands of the 4th industrial revolution, the concept of metrology 4.0 emerged seen as an integrated system of productive metrology that unifies several hardware and software technologies with the Internet. Thus, due to its relevance to the area of ionizing radiation and as the current panorama is unknown, the objective of the work was to carry out a state of the art survey on the subject. From the 81 articles found, 16 were selected and only one was directly related to the concept of metrology 4.0 and ionizing radiations. Given the results obtained, the article presents the evolution of the research theme as emerging, highlighting the period 2019, where it is observed the first scientific technical papers on metrology 4.0 and 2021, in which it is verified that the crisis caused by COVID-19 was an invisible catalyst for digital conversion. In general, in relation to metrology 4.0 it was found that there are different projects worldwide that aim to promote the infrastructure for legal metrology to support the processes of conformity assessment and market surveillance and, about calibration 4.0, different risks were found between a wireless calibration and a normal calibration.

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