Autor: João Henrique Hamann da Silva, José Guilherme Pereira Peixoto, Otávio Riani de Oliveira

Resumo: Dosimeters gels, in particular polymerics gels, are used to evaluate threedimensional dose distribution in radiotherapy treatments. Thus, polymer gel dosimeters allow a volumetric and not point visualization, as occurs with an ionization chamber. Therefore, this work consisted in evaluating the planning of cancer treatment for the head region using a phantom of the anatomical area filled with gels. Next, tomographic images (computed tomography scan) were generated, which were used for virtual planning and mathematically evaluated. After irradiating the phantom set in a medical linear accelerator, the next step was to submit the simulator to magnetic resonance (MRI) where images were mathematically postprocessed. Thus, uncertainties associated at this stage of the process were evaluated.

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