Autor: Beatriz Silva de Assis, Leonardo de Castro Pacífico, José Guilherme Pereira Peixoto

Resumo: The radiation dose to which an Occupationally Exposed Individual (OEI) is subjected is obtained by the operational quantity of the ambient dose equivalent (H*(10) for strongly penetrating radiation). This quantity makes it possible to estimate the dose received by the OEI during the time spent at its workplace. Thus, to automate the counting of this time and improve the accuracy of the calculation of the received dose, it is proposed to build a smart system based on Arduino with a PIR presence sensor. In that sense, a work routine in a radiopharmacy was analyzed, where the times and dates of entry and exit of the OEI in this place during their work period, for 15 days, were evaluated. A total of 368 accumulated hours were acquired, of which 96 hours were OEI’s exposure to ionizing radiation inside the radiopharmacy, where a radiometric survey was carried out to obtain the average ambient dose equivalent rate in the center of the room. From this, a calculation was made to obtain the total dose received by the OEI. This showed that the presence of a smart system using Arduino was promising in estimating the ambient dose equivalent, which favors the creation of future smart system projects aimed at Metrology 4.0.

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