Autor: Dayana Azeredo da Conceição, José Ubiratan Delgado, Eduardo Vieira de Veras, Johnny A. Rangel, Carlos José da Silva

Resumo: LNMRI provides standardized radioactive sources and solutions for the Activity quantity to different users, whose calibration is obtained in measurement systems with traceability linked to the international metrology network. To ensure the quality of your measurements, calibrations of the master solutions are performed in systems using either primary or secondary methods. This paper proposes a simple, practical and effective statistical tool to define the value assignment in the standardization of radionuclides when they are intra-compared in the laboratory. Horn’s statistical ordering methodology proved to be useful for individual evaluation of the measurement systems. The results in the exercise of intra-comparison with the use of ionization chambers, sodium iodide-type scintillators and high-resolution germanium detectors to measure a gamma radiation source of 137Cs showed good consistency among participants. A satisfactory performance was achieved by all measurement systems. The degree of equivalence determined for the 5 systems was also tested and good accuracy was found in each analysis performed.

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