Autor: LEONARDO DE CASTRO PACIFICO, Juliana de Moura Nascimento, Luis Alexandre Gonçalves Magalhães

Resumo: This work presents a quantity of X-Ray equipment from 100 to 500 mA and Computed Tomography of the State of Rio de Janeiro, as well as a survey of the number of exams performed and the amount spent on these procedures in the period between January 2019 and June 2021. In addition, a literature search was performed to gather equivalent dose values for the Chest Radiograph (PA) and Chest Computed Tomography exam modalities. Data were evaluated to estimate the increase in the collective equivalent dose for the population of the State of Rio de Janeiro during the COVID-19 pandemic. An increase of 152% in the collective equivalent dose was noticed due to the high number of CT scans performed for the diagnosis of coronavirus

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