Autores: Autores – Ruan Carvalho Mayworm, Rodrigo P.B. Costa-Felix, André V. Alvarenga, Stuart Davidson, Emily Webster

Resumo: Due to the International System of Units (SI) redefinition in 2019, the kilogram is now based on the Planck constant and no longer related to a physical artefact, the international kilogram prototype (IPK). The Kibble balance is one of the experiments which will be used to realise the redefined kilogram and relates mass to fundamental electrical standards. The present work demonstrates a prototype of a Kibble balance, developed at Inmetro’s Ultrasound Laboratory (Labus), using 3D printing and a Raspberry microcontroller. The prototype showed the ability to measure masses at the milligram level (100 mg to 600 mg) at a relative uncertainty of 7 %.

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