Autores: Gissele Mª C. Nogueira, Alexandre Mendes, Rodrigo P. B. Costa-Félix

Resumo:With the increase in the global competition in conjunction with the country’s current economic situation, the need to optimize industrial processes becomes even more evident. The improvement in reliability, quality, and productivity provides even more competitive environments. This work aims to improve the most critical part of the production process of synthetic fiber ropes. Since 2019, about 3 tons (5.3%) of the production of a synthetic fiber ropes manufacturing industry located in Baixada Fluminense – RJ (Brazil) was discarded by dimensional control. In 2020 it was evidenced the discard of about 4 tons (12%) of production. The most critical stage is in the intermediate process of producing the strands that make up the rope, so the main focus of the control of measures will be at this stage of the process. A parallel measurement methodology will be implemented to verify and correct possible variations. The instrument is a counter with an inductive sensor connected to a flywheel pulley that will be in contact with the material to be produced. The measurement will be performed by the ratio of the number of pulses, the geometry of the pulley, and a correction factor, if necessary.

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