Autores: José Ricardo Ferreira Oliveira, José Aguiar dos Santos Junior, Vinícius Soares Medeiros, Gilmar Guimarães

Resumo:The aim of this work is to measure the thermal conductivity of nylon 66, using a steady-state temperature field. To this end, an experimental apparatus was designed to provide the fundamental conditions for one-dimensional heat conduction, under steady state. The boundary conditions were assumed as type 2 on the upper face and type 1 on the rear face of a plate-form sample. A heat flux sensor was placed on the center of the upper face to measure a constant heat flux supplied by electrical resistance. Two type-k thermocouples were positioned to measure the temperature drop between the plate faces. Then, these measures are replaced into a mathematical model to determine the thermal conductivity of the material under analysis. The uncertainty assessment using the Monte Carlo method indicates low dispersion of the thermal conductivity, about 2.00 %, at a confidence level of 95.45 %. This indicates a good precision of the experimental apparatus developed, enabling its application with other non-conductor materials, when the conditions established in the mathematical modelling are strictly followed.

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