Autores: Mario Anselmo Pereira Neto, Pedro Henrique Fernandes Diniz, André Gomes Torres, Amaury Roteger de Oliveira, Klaus Natorf Quelhas

Resumo:Despite being classified today as a secondary reference point of temperature, ice point (0.0 °C) is still very important in many thermometry applications due to its simplicity, effectiveness, reproducibility and low cost. Uncertainties as low as some hundreds of microkelvin can be achieved, but it depends on the level of care of the experimental procedure practiced by the laboratory. The Thermometry Laboratory of Inmetro (Later) has adopted for a long time a conservative value available in literature for the uncertainty of the ice point. In order to reach more realistic results, in line with the specific equipment and experimental procedure of the lab, a study on the reproducibility of the ice point realization was conducted, enabling a significant reduction of the uncertainty previously adopted. In addition, from the uncertainty analysis performed, it was possible to show the great importance of the standardization of the ice bath preparation procedure for the achievement of better results.

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