Autores: Hellen de Aguiar Souza Marques, Rodrigo P. B. da Costa Félix, Regis Pinheiro Landim

Resumo:Welding is a vital process for the industry, being present in most production chains. However, the absence of general solutions for welding processes becomes an object of study to develop and improve welding techniques and quality inspection tests. The purpose of this work was to metrologically evaluate the welding electrical parameters (voltage, current and electrical power) for the adequate supply of welded specimens for the evaluation project of ultrasonic inspections through machine learning. Initially , we sought to ensure the metrological traceability of measurements through the use of a portable data acquisition system during welding. The data were evaluated quantitatively, through calculation of measurement uncertainties, and qualitatively, through visual inspection and x-ray, showing different results of electrical welding power for each welded specimen. These results demonstrated the possibility of characterizing variations in voltage, current and electrical power, providing electrical limits that allowed obtaining approved specimens.

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