Autores: Bruno Amado Rodrigues Filho, Alexandre Nixon Raulino Soratto, Léssio Lourenço Nunes, Carlos Otávio de Almeida Afonso

Resumo:The economic distortion represents the monetary unit involved in measurement deviations in trade. The greater are the deviations of measuring instruments used in the market, the greater are the money under uncertainty in the economy. That market asymmetry can be reduced by legal metrology processes, decreasing losses to both seller and buyers, ensuring trust. The Brazilian National Metrology Institute, Inmetro, in 2021, introduced the economic distortion as one of the indicator to evaluate the performance of legal metrology services. The preliminary results were obtained for the fuel market, showing that the economic distortion in 2019 and 2020, represented R$ 87,3 million for the final demand.

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