Autores: Alessandra Faria-Campos, Handressa Pereira-Fêu, João Vinícius Nóia, Aurea Folgueras-Flatschart, José Mauro Granjeiro, Sérgio Campos

Resumo:Good Laboratory Practices – GLP, are a set of principles that define a quality system. They have been designed to ensure that laboratory experimentation is performed appropriately. Quality management systems in general and GLP compliant ones in particular are becoming more important every day. GLP compliance facilitates the acceptance of data in the context of regulatory processes where authorities have to assess the safety of new products. As a consequence, it is an important tool to overcome technical export barriers to OECD member countries. However, compliance to these systems can be complex. As a consequence, many laboratories are unable to implement GLPs in their daily activities risking to lose competitiveness in the market. In this work we present BPL++, a Laboratory Information Management System that assists in implementing GLP compliance in laboratories. BPL++ is an efficient and easy to use system with a Web based interface. It can simplify GLP adoption and increase laboratory competitiveness. BPL++ has been evaluated by GLP experts and is currently being used at INMETRO.

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