Autores: Handressa Pereira Fêu Laviola, Aurea Valadares Folgueras Flatschart, José Mauro Granjeiro

Resumo:The biotechnology sector is constantly growing; this is evident when we observe the sector’s demand for financial investments and international cooperation. In parallel, the need for professionals to work within a quality management system adequately is also growing. Brazilian bachelor’s in biology and Biotechnology are allowed by the Federal Council of Biology (FCB) as biotechnologists without specialization. In this work, we aimed to evaluate the training of undergraduate students of Biotechnology and Biology courses in topics related to Quality Management. A survey was carried out on the curricula content of several higher education institutions, available online. From this information, we identified that more than half of the courses do not provide information and training capable of preparing the student to work, even in a primary way, under Quality Management Systems. We emphasize the need for a reformulation in these curricula to guarantee adequate training of its students to the market.

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