Autores: Alex Krummenauer, Hugo Marcelo Veit, Marcelo Pilotto Cenci, Luis Henrique Lapazin

Resumo:Using a portable energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer and certified reference materials, the linearity, the limit of detection (LOD), the limit of quantification (LOQ), and the working range of the method were determined for the quantitative analysis of base and precious metals in liquid matrices. As the EDXRF method is not standardized and strongly sensitive to matrix effects, these calculations are essential to its analytical validation. In this study, the resulting R2 values were higher than 0.99 and the residuals had random distribution. The LOD and LOQ values were considered low, close to the resolution of the spectrometer. Thus, our calculations confirmed the analytical validation of the portable EDXRF method in liquid matrices. The utilization of portable EDXRF equipment in the quantitative measurement of elements in liquid matrices is innovative and reveals new fields of application for this type of instrument.

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