Autores: Pablo Antunes da Rosa, Carla Abdo Brohem, Leandro Campos Gonçalves

Resumo:The Background-oriented Schlieren (BOS) method is used in this work to evaluate the dimensions of a perfume spray profile. With the intention of investigate the best combination of capture environment, the technique was applied to scenarios where the background (striped, randomly distributed dots and image) and the lighting conditions (daylight, horizon light and fluorescent) were varied. Each test was recorded with a video camera, and after selecting the reference and interest frames, the absolute saturation subtraction technique was applied to the images. Subsequently the resulting image was passed through a smoothing filter. The results showed that the combination of striped background with fluorescent illumination was the closest, with a bias of approximately 2%, to the result obtained through the conventional method, which uses a bulkhead to capture the approximate profile of the spray and subsequent calculation of the angle. The illumination horizon light, on the other hand, did not allow the visualization of the spray for any of the backgrounds used. The BOS technique proved to be an important tool in evaluating the performance of perfumery items.

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