Autores: Pablo Antunes da Rosa, Marcia Priscila Porto Dos Santos, Leandro Campos Goncalves, Carla Abdo Brohem

Resumo:The main purpose of packaging is to keep the product protected from external actions, contamination, and leakage. Therefore, they must be designed to deliver undamaged products to the customer, even after transportation and handling. The main damage is caused by the vibratory forces that occur during transportation. Therefore, this study aimed to quantify and analyse the vibration that occurs during road transport in a semi-trailer truck. The route selected was between Grupo Boticario’s factory in São José dos Pinhais (PR) and its distribution center in São Gonçalo dos Campos (Bahia), totalling around 1930 km. Thusly, it was possible to reproduce the same damage caused in an accelerated laboratory-scale test. The results showed that the vibration levels, and consequently the damage caused, vertically were higher than the lateral and longitudinal levels, as expected. This study allowed the definition of the parameters for the transportation simulator test carried out in package development and validation.

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