Autores: Caio César Cunha, Cilis Benevides Aragão, Paulo Régis Carneiro de Araújo, Rhuan Santiago, Andrio Antonio, Henrique Innecco, Jânio Oliveira, Lucas Costa, Rafael Araújo, Pedro Júnior

Resumo: Eletra Energy Solutions company is trying to reduce the negative impacts arising from a disorganized and decentralized structure of its power meters portfolio’s command libraries, including their codes, documentation, and intellectuals. It intended to research and develop a unified communication platform for its power measurement products. This paper presents a platform with a Web architecture, based on ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), flexible, modularized, incremental, centralized, easy to maintain and evolve, using open source technologies. In this way, it is possible to provide an abstraction that allows access via bus to all the power meters’ functionalities existing in the company’s portfolio.

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