Autores: Marcus Vinícius Viegas Pinto, Rodrigo Vargas Freitas Ventura, Regis Pinheiro Landim, Rodrigo Pereira David

Resumo: Among the main pillars of industry 4.0 are big data, artificial intelligence, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) which, together with industrial automation, allow for significant operational advances. In the field of calibration, where processes and procedures must be standardized, automation diminishes the variability caused by human intervention. In addition, the process is no longer limited to the time the technician is present, speeding up deliveries and improving laboratory efficiency and productivity. In this work, a software for the calibration of low current meters is presented. Also, a mathematical model and uncertainty analysis related to the adopted calibration method is presented. It was possible to calibrate an electrometer in a fully automated way, with minimal intervention by the technician. This software was successfully validated through an intralaboratory comparison.

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