Autores: Juan Carlos Mateus Sanchez, Donglin Meng

Resumo: This paper describes the development of an E-field strength sensor probe based on schottky diode technology to be used as a transfer standard for metrological proposes. This sensor probe was designed in a joint project between the National Metrology Institutes of Brazil (Inmetro) and China (NIM China) to bring traceability to many facilities generating Efield strength of both Institutes. The developed sensor allows transferring the E-field traceability from a -TEM Cell used as a primary standard to secondary standards like TEM and G-TEM Cells in the frequency range of 500 kHz to 2 GHz and at E-field intensities from 3 V/m to 70 V/m, with low uncertainty and a good dynamic range. The working principle of the new measuring system is similar to an old system that is not manufactured anymore, but it was re-designed in order to improve its performance and characteristics obtaining, as a result, a reduction in size of more than 10 times. Stability test results are also presented, showing that the new sensor is suitable for future inter-comparisons.

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