Autores: Rodrigo de Oliveira Garcia Soares, Regis Landim, Vanderson Teixeira

Resumo: This article describes the performance tests applied on the main components of a high stability signal synthesizer, DDS-based, that is being developed at Inmetro to ensure traceability to the SI in ac quantities and facilitate their standards calibration. It is being developed to work as a transfer standard for the Josephson Voltage Standard (JVS) in ac voltagessimilarly to Zeners for dc voltages. For projects that require precise signalslike this, it is highly necessary to evaluate each step of its construction and the characteristics of its components. To do so, evaluations such as power supply stability, DDS frequency stability, rms jitter, and noise attenuation of voltage regulators were made. Results found for the output signal frequency (generated by direct digital synthesis) showed oscillations between 0.09 Hz and 0.10 Hz and output stability with proportionally low values of Allan deviation. Regarding the voltage regulators, it was found a 75 dB average noise attenuation.

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